How bad is it to cut yourself and put ink in it?

me and my friends do it all the time im just womdering what damages we are doing

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What? Well first your cutting yourself. I wouldnt normally judge but it sounds like you guys just do it for fun? And then your putting ink in it? Dont you ever hear parents telling you or theyre kids not to draw on themselves, cause its bad for them? Yeah you guys are actually putting it INSIDE of yourselves, after cutting yourselves for fun. So yes; its bad.

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You need to go see a guidence counceler or somebody to help you.

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^ Agreed !!!

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I believe putting ink in an open wound that is spewing blood can cause blood poisoning - very dangerous for the body - however, if you are doing this, which I pray you are not - watch for a red line traveling up the inside of your arms or legs - if that line reachs the chest or critical areas of your body you can die. NOT RECOMMENDED and I do agree with Kianna

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Cutting yourself in general is obviously not a good idea. Depending on how deep you cut, you'll probably have at least some scarring. Also, if you cut too deep in the wrong area, you could face some serious blood loss that could potentially be fatal, and you also run the risk of introducing a wide variety of contaminants directly into your blood stream. You're basically at risk of infection. What I don't understand is the purpose of putting ink in it? Are you guys trying to give yourself a homemade tattoo, or something? You could get blood poisoning from the ink.

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we sometimes do it for fun but when im alone i start thinking of my past and getting raped its the only thing that helps but now i know not to put ink in it

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Talk to someone. Don't cut yourself.

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Well good for not puting ink in the cut - just think how important you are to others around you and how much you share in their lives - its not my business but you have had a dramatic situation that should truely be told to those professionals that can help you understand your feelings - and unfortunately we have those that take indecent liberties upon others but I assure you - you did nothing wrong and please just talk to a doctor - they will never judge you and their hearts and minds are geniun in helping others in your situation

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tattooing are the idea we are to young, we just do basic designs with that

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its harder then it seems to stop iv been doing it for so long

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You could probably get some type of poisoning. HIV, Ink poisoning, blood poisoning, gang green, ect. I think you guys need help.

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habits are like flys you shoo then away but then keep coming back. I understand things to be hard - but I had always asked myself who controls who and do I want to be controlled by a habit - sometimes we're stronger then we think, just have to try harder - face our fears and conquer them for they will always conquer us if we dont. You are woman lets hear you roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Well it will get infected ;( I should know cause I use to do it :( but I was ashemnd of myselft ;(;(;(

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i hate myself in a sence i just want it all end

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that could poisin you dont do it!!!!!!

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