WHat should i do i cut my hair to short in the back?

i was thinning out my hair in the back and i accdenly cut it to the roots and now it sticks up i cant cover it with the back of my hair cause it keeps sticken through its to short to cut anymore what can i do to cover it up its right on the top layer on the back of my head

Answer #1

it would be best to not do anything and see a hairdsreser, that way they can fix it up for you. otherwise you just have to wait for it to grow back, so if your self concious and hairspray doesnt work, cover it with a beanie or headband

Answer #2

ya but i cant wear a benie to school unfortunately

Answer #3

Yup, wear a kerchief and wait for it to grow back…

Answer #4

oops sry didn’t mean to send that many

Answer #5

A wig ???

Answer #6

well how about a headband or maybe try a few hairclips or bobby pins to disguise it? you could also try a new hairstyle, or change your part a bit and flip a length of hair over the section that has the bit sticking up, perhaps that will weigh it down

Answer #7

Ahhhh, Go to a hairdresser- they’ll help you sort it out. In the future don’t cut your own hair! Maybe your fringe if you want, but I’m a trained hairdresser and I’d never touch my ow hair! It’s actually impossible to cut your ow hair into styles as styles have techniques holding the scissors at unique angles that are impossible for you to do on yourself.

Answer #8

Either go to the hair stylist and get it fixed or just keep it the way it is and make it work . I’ve done the same thing it sucks

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