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What do you do with the cum when your giving a blow job and it got ejaculated in your mouth? do you spit it or what?

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I've only ever let my boyfriend cum in my mouth once, and he told me I could just spit it right back out, he just wanted me to do it once... I doubt I would ever swallow, but it's an option, in fact I doubt I'll ever let him go in my mouth again... I don't even like giving him a bj... I just do it because I know he likes it... he really likes it...

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Why don't you let him cum on your breasts. then afterwars you can just wipe it off :D

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well if you want the taste of cum then swallow, if not then move your mouth away

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Or swallow, yes.

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I think she's referring to if a man has actually already ejaculated in your mouth. However, if he has not, then this can be a satisfying means of managing the mess, lol.

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If a guy ejaculates in your mouth you do have the option of swallowing it, but a lot of girls actually don't like doing that (or even having it in their mouths at all). One thing to remember is not to spit it out in front of him into something like a bin or anything degrading if he is watching. Some girls actually spit it right back onto the guy's pen*s and I (personally) don't mind the idea of that, lol. This is something you should talk to your partner(s) about. If you are uncomfortable with swallowing, it never hurts to ask your partner about what they are comfortable with. If you make someone climax, the last thing you want to do is make them feel embarassed or ashamed.

Talk to your partner(s) and find out what would be best for them and compromise with them. Spitting into a handkerchief or tissue is generally a good idea, but be sure to talk about it :).

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My girlfriend loves to make me cum in her mouth, and without swallowing, she comes up and kisses me with it, or just lets it all go into my mouth. This turns her on so much that she cums.

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I believe the elaborate urban term for that is 'cum-swapping', lol.

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