Cum taste?

I have let my boyfriend cum all over my face and boobs but not in my mouth. I just want to know hat it tastes like

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There was another thread with the same question so I will give you the short answer this time... the taste will depend largely on your boyfriend's diet... garbage in, garbage out is the saying that cums to mind. There is also your own personal tase to consider, and whether cum falls into something you like, or can acquire a taste for. I have tasted it a few times and not found it to be offensive, but its not on my list of favorite foods either if you know what I mean.

One way to avoid the taste altogether and take his load in your mouth is to learn to deep-throat. This will bypass your taste buds altogether and might be a sensation you both will enjoy.

Having said this, as with all unprotected sex, and swallowing cum is just that, be sure your partner is std free. Many people believe the myth that a blow job is low to no risk. Well they are fooling themselves! Have fun and play safe!!

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I personally hate it, its slimy and bitter and salty,

How do you make cum taste good?
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I've always found it to taste a little seawater!

What does a womans cum taste like?
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cum taste so good, like the cock taste so nice, cant stop sucking it, cum sometimes taste a bit salty but also can taste good,

is it dangerous to swallow your boyfriends cum? does it taste bad?
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Visit - to find out more!

Does cum taste gross?

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