Cum being healthy...

Ok so my boyfriend just showed me this article saying that swallowing a guys cum will reduce there chances of breast cancer by like 40-50 % and yes its a real article its supose to be on cnn but I don't understand how this is true and has anyone else heard of this nastttyyy non

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Thats probaly why I'm so healthy.

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Eeew that's disgusting!

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90 percent of girls in relationships swallow cum. It is part of oral sex, ... the 10 percent or so that DO NOT swallow, ... I bet their boyfriends are hurt and upset over it. If you don;t want to swallow - don't expect him to go down on you either, ... becasue there are your liquids in his mouth the whole time.

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my boyfriend is clean and he didnt sho it to me thinking ..oh im guna get her to do it..we have been together for 3yrs and have a 2yr old so im not just some dumb teen

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Contrary to popular belief, semen does NOT contain any worthwhile amount of protein or nutrients.

As for the breast cancer thing--it's possible, but unlikely. If you could, show the article here.

Anyway, as long as your boyfriend is clean (which you CANNOT tell from looking), there's nothing wrong with swallowing his semen, though it's probably not going to reduce your chances of getting breast cancer.

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Where was this article written...Hustler? Watch CNN sporadically but never seen anything regarding this issue. Never saw it in any of my nursing journals either
Sounds off the mark to me, not to mention down right disgusting!! }=

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And it's just flat out disgusting.

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Its good for your skin too. Keeps the pimples and zits away I heard.

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Well, cum does have a lot of protein and nutrients that are good for you, but I've never heard anything about it preventing breast cancer.

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Wherever he got it from, it was probably for the purpose of showing a girl the article so that, in her ignorance, would think, "Oh, so it's a GOOD thing to suck a guy's $@#$."

Prove that you're not ignorant and tell the guy to go to heck. Ya, there's proteins in their, but all they do is help keep the sperm alive. I don't think there's much nutritional value.

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You might provide him with this factual information: Oral and anal sex do not lead to pregnancy, but engaging in such behaviors puts teens at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, chlamydia, and human papillomavirus (HPV), which has been linked to cervical cancer. A recent CDC study showed that one in four teenage girls is infected with at least one STI.

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Really? The statement about the two year old isn't that encouraging.

I mean, can't we at the least keep it traditional? Has anyone in my generation heard of an old concept known as appropriate sexual behavior?

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Isn't That's the Reason you can now get a mamogram at the Sperm Bank's and Facials, That's what I heard :oP, But seriously speaking I have heard of this study about 6 years ago, So iam sure there has to be an atricel on it some where, You see ladies all this time all we men who wanted our candy Rain Swallowed, were just trying to Save your life's. :o)

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