What is culture, customs, ideologies, values?

Answer #1

I’m going to try and explain it with an example. (with my sources from various parts of the internet).

Culture: This refers to the attitudes and behaviours of a group of people i.e. Afrikaans is my culture and in my culture we have specific beliefs, arts, music, ways of doing things.

Custom:This would refer to general laws, traditions, standards within a culture. For example in my culture it is custom for people to braai (which is a South African Tradition).

Ideologies: This would be a belief that a person has which they use to guide them in their decisions. This is a bit difficult to explain and can be very widely defined, but something like capitalism and democracy would be ideologies which people use to regulate their behaviours. Within culture it could also possibly be certain social beliefs such as a belief in an afterlife etc.

Values: This is specific to a person, and would entail something like honesty, being the best and acceptance. It is personal and depends on a how a person sees themselves and defines themselves.

Answer #2

elborate on what you want to know. the definitions with examples?

Answer #3

or comparisons

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