How do i cuddle with my boyfriend in a movie theater?

ok its going to be "funday" at school and my class is going to the movies (shrek 4 lol) and me and him are going to sit ALL the way in the back and i want to but my head on his shoulder (he asked me to also) but what do i do with my hands? (NO PERVERTED ANSWERS plz?) he will but his arm around me i know that but what do i do with mine?

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put your arms around his neck while resting your head on his shoulder, put your arms around him, or just hug him.

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lift up the middle arm rest thing and just get comfy and close, it's kinda hard but when you find a positon that works stick with it haha :)

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I find the best position to cuddle with my bf in a movie theatre is have him use the arm rest and i slip my arm through his an we hold hands and i rest my head on his shoulder. to do this I usually sit with my legs to the other side on the seat. another way is have him put his arm around u and lean towards him. the arm rest may dig into ur ribs so put ur oposite hand there as a cusion. you would even sit sideways with ur back against the arm rest and his arm around u.

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it cant go up it is stuck there forever :(

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thanks i will use some of these ^_^

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