What should I say to my crush to get a conversation going?

Me and my crush barely talk. But I know we like each other. What should I say to him to get a convo going?

Answer #1

whenever your laughing with other friends, keep your smile, and see if you can spot him, looking at you smiling, he’ll probly think your feeling really outgoing that day, so HE should go up to YOU o start the convo!

Answer #2

a simple Hey whats up? Hey whats up? How was your day today? *Hey. Those simple little phrases work wonders…starts up a convo all the time for me..

Answer #3

Ask if he like tap water I hear that its a good ice breaker. Or make a joke about someone you both know. you can talk about movies, music, books, cartoons (maybe, if your like that stuff, after all this is coming from the top of my head). But you the conversation to keep going then you should talk about something new but not too new and not too old (like a month to 5 months old). Movies are the best idea I can suggest to you. Good luck if you have any more just ask me. I would be happy to answer! ^_^

Answer #4

Say Hey he’ll say hi bak if he is sorda bumbed up ask him if hes okay if hes in a good mood say how was ur day he’ll say greate and u and u answear then u can find things u have in common and just keep talkin and talkin

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