What if I like my best friend?

I have a crush on my best friend, what should I do?

Answer #1

then tell yur best friend. or at least get yur friend to tell them. or tell them over email or myspace or texting or something. they will understand. and they mite have feelings for you too. good luck.

Answer #2

I’ll go with the first one if I were you…because you want to subtly know his feelings, if you go all out, your leaving yourself for an open blow…

secondly, you need to have a pep talk with urself to understand whether this is just infatuation or really something…because if it doesn’t work out your losing a good friend…so weigh in your options of what is important for you, telling him and risk losing him as a friend or just hint subtly and see if he thinks the same…

good luck, hope this helps

Answer #3

let him notice that you have a crush on him, but dont tell him straight up because you dont know how hes going to react, but let him notice, like talk 2 him about the type of guys you like, if he has long hair 4 example tell him that you have a THING 4 guys with long hair
well good luck and hope I helped !!

Answer #4

actually on second thought, you are too young to be thinking about this, just have fun and let him know…

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