how much do crimpors cost??

Answer #1

whats that?

Answer #2

i got mine for around 25 dollars and it works great! i got it at shopko, here’s the link!

Answer #3

thank you so much :) will it look good on blondes haha?

Answer #4

yes, im a blonde, and it looks amazing! everytime i crimped my hair, someone would tell me they loved it! it does take a while, if you haven’t done it before though!

Answer #5

thank you ! which one is the best product? i’ve never used one before. do they last a while crimped?

Answer #6

get one thats metal! like a gold metal three barrel one. yeah, like i’ll crimp mine hair at night, sleep with it crimped and then in the morning it will look great! or i will crimp it in the morning and wear it crimped all day and then sleep with it crimped and then wear it all day crimped the next day too! it will stay crimped for a while! as long as you dont get it wet!

Answer #7

thank you ! Big Help :)

Answer #8

depends what kind you want.

Answer #9

a good working kind ha

Answer #10

id say about as much as a strainer

Answer #11

about 80, depeneding on the brand you get

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