Creepy girl, what do i do?!

Okay well there is this girl who doesn't even live near me, she lives hundreds of miles away and she has me on msn somehow, I've been talking to her lately, and she's a bit younger than me but totally obsessed with me.

She is in love with me, but I'm not in love with her. How do I know? she's always telling me these things, she writes me poetry, and always talks about how she wants to meet me and kiss me, and hold hands, and hug, and have like a story book ending.

But then there's the creepy side of her. She's not emo but she talks about cutting herself, she's always crying, and always threatens to kill herself, sometimes she starts swearing at me for no reason and she takes things that are meant to be nice and twists them around and makes me look stupid. She also always tells me that she's ugly and fat and I always try to tell her shes wrong (because she isn't).

Everytime she says I love you I just say me too because she always talks about killing herself. She talks to me all the time and I don't like talking to her, every second sentence is I love you, so I have to say me too but I don't actually, I don't want to talk to her anymore so what should I do? I'm afraid she's going to do something bad to herself!

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well for one try and tell someone or report her on msn because she needs help before she does somthing drastic and just delete ure msn

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I think the best thing to do is to find out some information about her like where she lives or her phone number and refer her to a counselor or tell her that she needs some help in a nice gentle way. as for not talking to her just appear offline on your msn because theres a way to find out if your deleted on msn...

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If you have a bit of information on her (I hope she doesn't have any detailed information of you like where you live), you can tell someone or police to keep an eye on her. You don't have to delete your msn, you can just block her, and never accept anymore friend adds unless you know who it is, because it might be her again with a different e-mail address.

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