Is anybody out there, other than me, creeped out that Katy Perry got married in India?

Answer #1

I dont understand why thats creepy in the least bit.

Answer #2

Oops wait, forgot to mention Rihanna is mad at her for not being invited when it was one of those Serimonys where only the bride and groom are present with nobody else there… I think im just creeped out at the fact she got married at all…

Answer #3

It’s not really creepy in my opinion. I just think she’s too young to be married!

Answer #4

…she’s 26.

Answer #5

Is she? I thought she was like 20… (0-0)

Answer #6

Rihanna couldnt make it due to her work,thats why she payed for them to have a second honeymoon in Tokyo costing $60,000 and a bachelorette party for her in september

Answer #7

How is it creepy?

Answer #8

I’m just creeped out about Katy Perry in general, lol

Answer #9

idk i just think its wweird cuzwell idk

Answer #10

She was married? well i have no problem with that. Whats wrong with india? its just like any other foreign country!

Answer #11

I don”t understand why it is creepy about that, i mean you could get married anywhere, like it matters. And i heard that India is a very beautiful place.

Answer #12

no its not that it is just weird that she was married in india , idk if i could get used to it…

Answer #13

No. People get married where they want to, and she picked an awesome place if you ask me.

Answer #14

u kno her marrage,

Answer #15

its not that she was married in india, i just have trouble picturing her married in general… i mean well idk gess im weird

Answer #16

WEll i honestly don’t think it’s weird or creepy, it was their option to get marry there and basicly u can marry anywhere in the world, & if it was a lonley ceremony then i guess they wanted to have a private ceremony.

Answer #17

may be she likes the place/rituals a lot.nothing weird about that :/

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