Creditor harrassment at work

I have a creditor who has called me at work I was disciplined once and told not to let it happen again, this creditor called and talked to my coworker about my account to my coworker who has the same first name. what do I do if I lose my job?

Answer #1

I get over 5 calls a day from creditors, and I could not take the stress anymore. So I informed them I was filing bankruptcy, as suggested by the agent who I am filing under. But they informed me the four (4) remaining companies who are still calling me on my job that they do not adhere to this. And one of them informed me yesterday that there will be a warrant for my arrest and that I will be picked up and arrested by cops on my job and arrested for not taking care of the dept. I informed them that I barely have food to eat let alone pay anyone. I am nervous and scared - should I quit my job to save any embarrassment. I have already been told that if I did not handle this problem, they would have to lay me off. I just do not know what to do. I just do not know what to do

Answer #2

Call this creditor’s boss and complain to HIS boss. He shouldn’t be sharing your information with someone else; having the same first name doesn’t mean same full names. Creditors will and always ask for you using your full name - unless the co-worker was deaf and nosey. That’s why you NEVER put your cellular or work number on credit forms.

– Next time they call, say “Who? Oh, that person?! She doesn’t work here, she got fired because of you.” A guilt trip for the annoying creditors.

Answer #3

A creditor is allowed to harass you at home or on your cellphone, they are NOT allowed to harass you at work.

I’d advise you to call the company and ask to speak directly to a supervisor about it. It’s quite simple, if you lose your job because of them, they won’t be able to get any money out of you - I once threatened to declare bankruptcy because a creditor wouldn’t accept the small payments I was offering at the time…they changed their tune pretty quick.

Answer #4

Creditors are allowed to contact you at home or on your cell, no problem. With the exception of 4 or 5 states, they are also allowed to call you at work BUT - you have the right to tell them not to contact you at work and by Federal Law (the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act - or FDCPA) they must not contact you there again. Also, by the same law, the cannot release any information about you, your account, or the fact that they are collecting a debt, to ANY third party.

If you get fired because of this, you have a pretty winnable lawsuit on your hands and I would talk to an attorney. If you don’t care so much about suing, just call them, ask to speak with a manager. Let them know that they violated two federal statutes (laws) and that fi it happens again, you WILL contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), your state Attorney General, and your Lawyer.

I used to work for a collections Law Firm, so let me know if you have more questions. Good luck!

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