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My dad gave me his credit card about four months ago. He told me to charge my gas to it and if I needed anything else to call him. I thought I was being very responsible with it. I have a lot of extracurricular activities, so that's part of why I have to fill up my tank so often. Recently, I went out of town to the mall with my friends. He told me that if I saw any more school clothes I wanted to get them. When I we went to the last stop of the day my card was declined. I was shocked because didn't think I could have maxed out his card, especially considering that I'm obsessed with coupons. I spent from $10 to $20 dollars at each place except for the gas station. My friends said maybe I froze the card by using it too frequently in one day. I used it at ten places; three fast food places, a convience store, the gas station, two bookstores, and three clothing stores. If I did max out the card, I don't want him to be stuck paying for my mistake. I'll get an afterschool job if that's the case. What's the most likely reason for it being declined? How should I go about telling my dad about it? Lastly, how can I get enough gas to get to his house to talk to him about it? It seems cowardly to just talk to him over the phone about it.

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You may have exceeded only the 'daily' limit and not the 'overall' limit - try it again tomorrow and see if it works, if not, there's nothing wrong with calling your Dad and telling him you might have messed up - we all make mistakes - you're being responsible by owning up...Take care !!

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I would consider typing it down and than sending it to your father online or something.. I know it may seen courdly but it really would get all of your words through befors he can cut you off.

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Hey, thanks for all the help! I just told my about it and he said I didn't do anything wrong. He just has a spending limit set on the card so it's easy for him to pay off each month. He just got in the bill today and said I didn't have to worry. It'll be working good as new by Monday. :)

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Sorry, I probably should have clarified. I was going out of town so he knew I would have to stop and get food, it was an all day trip. As for the two bookstores, I called and asked if I could get some study guides for my AP English class and the ACT. I'm planning on calling him this weekend, I just don't know how I should start the conversation.

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What I find strange, is how you said that your dad told you to use the card only for gas - "or school clothes"

What does 3 fast food places + 2 bookstores have to do with that?

- My advice, fess up to your dad. Worse he's going to do is start handing you cash instead so you can't go over. - But honestly I doubt he'll do anything.

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most definitely call your dad and tell him regardless of whether the card works or not . Also try and keep the reciepts of what you spend so you can keep track of how much you have spent.

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Thanks for the advice! I did try the card earlier today, but something weird happened. It worked at one place, but not the other. I went to Sonic and ordered some fries and had cash to back me up if the card didn't work, but it worked. I was so happy I called to tell my boyfriend that I thought the card was working again. We were at Walmart and he'd gotten a pack of sodas. I told him I would put on the card to make sure it was working before I got gas. Sadly it didn't work that time. I'm glad it happened then rather than at the gas station.

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what I would do is just call your dad and tell him what happened

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