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credit card companies harrassing me

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capital one...worst card you could ever want. on sept 6, 2006, a nice lady phoned me and asked if I was able to make a $188.00 payment. I said yes but not until payday, which is on the 19th. she said fine, put it in her computer and said that would be good. 1/2 hour later, a very rude lady phones me about the same thing and asked if I had planned on making that payment? I said yes and it was already in the computer, sept 7th, this very rude and ignorant ladies phones me and tells me that no, that won't work because the 19th is so far away. I told her to check her computer and see that I have already agreed to and plan to make the payment on the 19th. she got very rude and told me that in the future maybe I should just pay my bills.I was once told that credit card companies are only allowed by law to phone you once a week. is there some kind of action I can take against them ? legal or otherwise? thank you and I hope someone out there can help me out