How do i get a credit card im only 13

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a credit card at 13 is a stupid idea
not only is it completely unecessary
but what 13 year old kids has an income they can put on a credit card and spend
im sure you have no job, so no money to put on a card
when you spend the governments money you owe it back,
along with a lot more money of intrest
this is all money that you dont have, and all money that shoulnt be spent on crap like clothes, shoes, toys, bags, makeup ect
again, im sure you dont have the money to keep one
if you want a card get a bankcard
one were you put your OWN money in and all you can spend is your OWN money
a credit card will just make you grow up faster than a young kid needs to
and youll endd up paying a lot more money of intrest for things and youll most likley get into a lot of dept because youll spend money on things you dont need and cant afford
if you get into too much dept the government will take any poestions that are valuble to make up for the money you cant pay, including things like cars and your house if its a lot
and im sure this is all stuff you dont know
you need to LEARN more about credit cards, intrest, ect before you go out and get one
because theres a lot more to it than just "I want one they look cool"

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you make sure you have a JOB first then READ THE RULES VERY VERY VERY CAREFULLY...then talk to your parents...

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You can't get one under your name until you're 13.
It's not good to get a credit card if you're not planning on paying the full amount the same month. It builds interest which is ridiculous and you screw up your credit.
I recommend you get a debit card.

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You can get it whenever. As long as you're willing to pay the charges..

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lol im 13 too and i want one

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lol im 13 too and i want one

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