Creative ways to tell your family and friends your pregnant?

I don't know if I'm pregnant yet or not but me and my husband were just thinking of different ways to tell our families we are having a baby so I was just wondering what some creative ways would be! :)

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well say mom dad I am pregnant git over it

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My friend and her husband had shirts made for the grandma's and grandpa's that said "Best Grandparent In The World"...

It was completely ADORABLE!

You could take them out for dinner and have them open them at dinner!


ways 2 tell your parents you are pregnant?
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well my uncle came up with a good idea he sent a text message to everyone saying I am stuck on a crossword can any one help when we replied saying yeah what is it he said it was a four letter word across and the clue was infant when we replied saying baby he said back yeah I am having one, it was a good mix of confusion but so clever and sucj a good surprise

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Make a baby photo album of your ultra sounds and ask them if they want to see your most recent family photos. I've never done that before, but it sounds funny! lol

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my friend told her husband like this: she filled her husbands underwear draw with nappies and put a note in saying make way daddy I'm moving in! I thought it was adorable!!! so you and your husband could do something along the lines of that!

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You could ask if them they could help design a nursery!!! They would love that!!!

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Say: Mom, Dad, (long pause) I have a brain tumor
Then, when they're all like OH No! You can be like
Don't worry I'm only pregnant!
Then they wont be angry!

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u can send all a letter using and make postage stamps of the Ultra Sound. or Photo Copy your ultra sound make up a news letter put it in there. In the news letter ask your parents and family for there baby stories and put a section in it extra read all about Baby Found in tummy of (your name) proud parents to be are excited to share the news

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My first pregnancy was around christmas so we filled green balloons with confetti and mininature rattle, bear, and baby and put a xmas fortune in it. during present time we handed them out. they had to pop them and read their fortune.. like" You will become a grandma on (due date)"

the second pregnancy, I made real fortune cookies, which are a little larger than the boughtn ones,, and put fortunes in it like oohs aahs cuddles and coos we have some baby news...(due date)..

Now I'm contemplating my 3rd pregancny and trying to think of something creative...hmmm...

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