What would be a creative way for me to present what I believe are the 10 most influential American events and people?

For my history class we had to choose what we believed where the top 10 most influencial americans and historical events on american society. I managed to get my lists but im not sure how to present why i believe they are my top ten. I know some people wrote songs and poems but i dont think i will be able to do that, so do you guys have any other ideas?

Answer #1

Through a powerpoint, or you could act out some scenes in front of your class. You could get a group of people to help you act out the scenes or do a one woman show.

Answer #2

i dont think i have enough courage to act anything out XP

Answer #3

Duuude, the powerpoint idea sounds good, have a slide show of the people/events, then tell them about the influences they made. :o

Answer #4

Dressing the part and acting out a scene for each influental person/event. Make a collage using magazine cut outs and “thought” bubbles expressing each person/event/dialouge…etc. A powerpoint slide show that presents them each in order of which you feel are the most influental with pictures and reasons why.

Answer #5

You could put together a powerpoint or a short video clip with footage, or clips from movies, perhaps some narration that talk throughout it or describe it.

Answer #6

Gahh this is probably really stupid but it’s the first thing that came to my mind and it definitely is different. You could get a costume lice for each character? Like a tall hat for Abraham Lincoln, glasses for Ben Franklin, a cane for Hellen Keller (lol these are obviously just examples). Then you would wear them all at once and say somethig like, “despite the ridiculous appaearance, this outfit actually represents ten important people…” haha just a thought if you have no other original plans

Answer #7

I decided to write a poem, what do you guys think so far? Thomas Paine was the man He brought common sense across the land. Then the Son of liberty dumped the tea, And shouted with glee for the Boston tea party! Now America was at the edge they couldn’t take anymore So they watched the British approach their shore. Paul Revere ran bringing the news that a fight was at hand Then soon George Washington led his men without fear Bringing down the British that were near. Thomas Jefferson created the framework of our nation While Benjamin Franklin Created the first fire station.

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