How would i go about creating a tie dye design like this?

I mean my plan was to di teh shorts in eitehr end but i want three colous, how would i do the middle part? liek where would i fold them and stfuff?

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I'm not exactly sure but here is how I would do it. **
I would roll the shorts how ever you want the diagonal to be and have your colors ready. I would use masking tape to section it into parts and cover up what ever parts you dont want to die completely with the tape ( I would do the middle first.) then dip it in the color you want it. Let it dry then remove the tape and dip the ends. If that makes any sense. I'm not all that good at explaining things in words >.<

I dont know if it will work** but I would assume so...

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Woo-woo! Hippie chick! {;^)

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