What cool craft should i make my mom for her birthday?

This may sound lame but I have a tradition that on any of my family member's birthady I make them a card or some sort of craft. I'm 15, are there any crafts that turn out really pretty and 'cool' looking for my mom's birthday?

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When I was little I made a wax mold of my hand, ten years later she still has it so I think it was appreciated.

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maybe this year you can try buying her something but still have the card you made

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This site has some cool ideas:

Also, something I've always liked is the idea of homemade coupons- ones that you make and cut and decorate that say stuff like "Washing the dishes" and "One free hug". Then you give them to your Mom and she gives them to you when she wants something ;)

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for me.
I think you should buy some roses with a color close to her favourite color and make a little mini house that has roses coming out of the chimney!
OR you can bake a little cake shaped like a heart and write with frosting a nice phrase that could make really happy!
ALSO you can make jewlery for your mom. THEY DO LOVE JEWLERY!!!

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you can always do a proper painting on a canvas like I did one year, of something she likes for example a quilt hanging in the sun. also the card doesn't have to be made out of card, you can make a card using wood and paint it so that it lasts. and finally you can go to the craft shops, buy a little box, in any shape, and paint or cover it o she can put her jewlery or something into it.

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what I do for my moms b-day is I make coupons for a home spa day when she wants one she hands it in there are also other ways like giving her a stress free day by laying cool

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you can take your picture whith your mom and make it in a envlope , than write a really simple message on it ,or you can give her something you make it yourself like a flower or semething she like

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I made my friend an origami paper crane mobile. The cranes aren't hard to make (look on the internet) and you can use fishing line to attach the cranes to an embroider hoop. Write something cute on the hoop and she will LOVE IT!

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Hi, I'm 15 years old too and last year I saw a great craft on tv. I did it for my mom on mothers day but you can do it for any occasion. This does take some work but a really cool and awesome "card" is to make a box that when you open the lid the box falls open with a present or something inside like candy.. what you do is to take a tall box and cut off about four inches off of the top. Next cut the four sides down on the creases to the bottom so it opens up. Then make a lid for it from the top you cut off.. next take your coolest paper and line the outside of the box..so on the inside do the same thing. Line it in a fun color. then on the sides of the inside, you can either write down your message you would like to say or glue in some great pics of you or them.. once the inside is done, cover the outside with another color of paper.. when your lining is done put your gift in the bottom, close up the box, put the lid on it.. and give it to the person.. their face will LIGHT UP!

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