Cover up being at a party

I have a party this weekend and I need a way to cover up that im there. I cant sneak out because it would be to late and my mom started wanting to make sur im at places because I lost my trust for doing something :s

Answer #1

So obviously you’re taking the right step now in regaining your mom’s trust by lying to her about going to a party. /sarcasm

Why can’t you ask your mom if you can go to the party? You didn’t mention anything about being grounded. Just be honest with her and tell her you want to go. Right now you have to gain her trust back if you ever want to have a little bit more freedom in the near future. You can get your mom to drop you off there and tell her when to pick you up, so your mom feels more in control of this situation. She’s going to have to be your ‘parole officer’ for now and if you want her to cut you some slack soon, you should try and make some compromises with her.

Answer #2

well. say your spending the night at your best friend house. ^_^ have your mom drop you off there like 3 hour before the party. she leave. you wait. then the time come. then you leave

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