Cover old song into rock

My band wants to do some cover songs,but I dont wanna do something that someone else has done before.Can you think of any old songs that would sound cool if its covered into rock?Oh,and were only drums,base and vocals.

Answer #1

The prob is not getting a guitarist!We wanna do it like this because its different! Im in 2other bands aswell that is both 5piece.Breakin the law is a cool idea though!

Answer #2

you might wanna get a guitarists there everywhere it doesnt always have to be the best just someone willing to learn and dedicate their time towards the band and when you find one do breakin the law by judas preist

Answer #3

We do originals aswell,but wanna do like 3covers! Anything older actually,would be cool to take an 60’s or 70’s song an make it rock. But will check out the motown!Thanks!

Answer #4

hmm… try writing your own stuff if youre just starting out and wanna just stricting focus on live performances than…

do some old motown songs and amp them up…throw in your own lyrics or w/e

what do you think is ‘old’ music I need some help here :)

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