What courses will i need to take in college?

Im going to be a freshman in college soon and im thinking of what i want to major in. as of now i really want to major in master of arts in teaching (mathematics) and what i really want is to be a calculous teacher. But im wondering what courses i will need to take. Any information for a newb in college? Btw i already took my calculous course so i dont need to in college again.

Answer #1

No matter your degree, most colleges have general courses that you have to take your first two years. these classes are generally basic english, psychology, philosophy, college algrbra, etc. You may be exempt from college algebra because you took calculus, though.

Answer #2

I dont understand. You want to major in master of arts? A master of arts is a postgraduate degree. In my university what you would do to become a calc teacher is do a bachelors degree in mathmatics, then do a postgraduate diploma in teaching. Its probably different where you are though. The best thing to do, since you have a clear idea of where you want to end up, is talk to a course advisor, and get them to help plan your degree programme.

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