What's a country love song about a boy?

I need a country song that a girl is singing about loving a guy...

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I'm only me when im with you by Taylor Swift.

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you say it best by allison krauss

Who sings the country song "Home"?
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Our Song by taylor swift

Love songs to dedicate to someone special?
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Tear drops on my guitar

Mary's song

Should've said no

What country song sings about Miss Betty's sweet tea?
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There are a lot of country songs out there that are sung by girls that are about loving a boy. Here is a list of a few popular ones:

*How Do I Live - LeAnn Rimes
*Tim McGraw - Taylor Swift
*She's In Love With The Boy - Faith Hill
*Our Song-Taylor Swift
*Teardrops on my guitar-Taylor Swift
*Someday When I stop Loving You - Carrie Underwood
*When you kiss me - Shania Twain
* I love you - Martina McBride

What is the song that A LOT of singers got together and sang that one song together?
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Our Song-Taylor Swift
Teardrops on my guitar-Taylor Swift
Tim Macgraw-Taylor swift
Those are a few by Taylor Swift but if you look up Taylor Swift on the internet and listen to her songs you might find the perfect song.

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Teardrops On My Guitar-Taylor Swift.

What are some songs about being mad at your girlfriend/boyfriend?
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Tim Macgraw is my favorite by Taylor Swift

Depressing songs about people changing?
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Shes in love with the boy-Faith Hill

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alexis, she's in love with the boy is actually by trisha yearwood I believe. but kudos to you for picking that song! it's a great one! "my best friend" by tim mcgraw and "cowboys are my weakness" by trisha yearwood are also two great songs about loving someone :)

What song to dedicate to a guy friend you like and likes you?
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tear drops on my guitar and tim margaw and what hurts the most are my favorites

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I'd Lie- Taylor Swift

Invisible- Taylor Swift

thats all I got. ♥

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How do I get there- Deana Carter

Greatest country love song ever. It's really sweet. It's like my theme song in life.


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