Which countries do not celebrate halloween?

I know mine (South Africa) doesn’t. Any others?

Answer #1

Thanks to American influence, many countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America celebrate Halloween that did not only a few years ago. Still, the majority of the world does not recognize Halloween as a holiday, so it might be worth asking which countries do celebrate Halloween, since they are fewer in number. Truly, Halloween is still most popular in Britain, Canada, and the United States. But you will find many Americanised Halloween celebrations in Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and parts of India. In some of these countries, Halloween is intertwined with local festivals. For example, in Mexico, Halloween is celebrated one day, All Saints Day on 1 Nov, and then the Day of the Dead on 2 Nov.

Answer #2

Most countries do these days. It’s more of a ‘lets dress up and get free candy’ as opposed to an actual celebration of Halloween. A lot more parents are starting to actually see the dangers in teaching their kids to dress up unrecognizable and send them off to beg for sweets at stranger’s houses. Which is good. As you can probably tell, I don’t like Halloween.

Answer #3

we dont celebrate it. :D

Answer #4

That’s an interesting question. I remember halloween parties when I was younger, but I dont think the whole country celebrated it and neither is there trick or treating. I would think small groups within most countries celebrate it.

Answer #5

oh, and I’m talking about Uganda

Answer #6

Youre seen as a f a g o t t if you do it in my country (australia)

Answer #7

In this country, they consider it a “christian” holiday, as do many Muslim countries :( Sucks really, b/c it has (and never had) any real religious context at least in the Judeo-Christian sense.

Answer #8

no one really celebrates it here, which I am very happy about, I find the whole thing a bit obnoxious and annoying… A few people do, but its not very big

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