Why do the countries of the british isles and scandinavia have a marine climate?

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Marine Climate also known as Oceanic Climate is a type of climate typically found along the west coasts at the middle latitudes of some of the world's continents.
It is characterised by having comparatively warm winters and cool summers with a narrow annual temperature variation and rainfall being fairly uniformly common throughout the year with no predictably regular dry season(s).
In the case of the British Isles and the west-coastal regions of Scandinavia is is caused by the Thermohaline Circulation of warm water in what is known as the "Gulf Stream".
Global warming is thought to be seriously weakening the effects of the Gulf Stream & its warming effects thus paradoxically, global warming may result in a significant drop in average annual temperatures in the British Isles, within our lifetimes.
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so they could protect anyone who comes by sea

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They are located by big masses of water: Atlantic Ocean and the coinciding bodies of water.

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