Count to ten in japanese!?!

I learned it was “itchi ni san shi go roku shichi hachi kyu ju” but according to the video I just saw, its “itchi ni san yon go roku nana hacki kyu ju”.

Which one is right!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Answer #1

Person above is right Both are used, but YON and NANA are generally used when you’re couting 40 and 70 etc stuff like that Just for the most part, it doesn’t really matter

Answer #2

Both are right. We Japanese say 4 “Yon” or “Shi” and 7 “Shichi” or “Nana”. And for more information, we say 9 “Kyu” or “Ku” too. You can use whichever you want.

And you can also mix them like… itchi ni san yon go roku shichi hachi kyu ju itchi ni san shi go roku nana hachi ku ju

However, in some cases you need to use them with the right one. ex1) April = Shi Gatsu : we don’t say it “Yon Gatsu”. (sometimes, children mistakenly say so though…=)) ex2) July = Shichi Gatsu : in this case “Nana Gatsu” is not wrong but “Shichi Gatsu” is more natural.

something like that…=)

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