Could this be a sign of Pregnancy?

I have been having really bad cramping and I havent started my period yet im supposed to start in a week… and iam getting really bad cramping and my breast are very tender and I have also been feeling so hungry lately!!! Could this be a sign of pregnancy???

Answer #1

that was my problem when I was pregnant.. I also felt like I had to throw up a lot in the morning getting ready…

Answer #2

maybe I’m not sure you never no I’m about to have a baby and maybe you are only way to be sure is to get a test

Answer #3

could be only thing that really sticks out to me is the tender breast and hungry not to sure about the cramping never happend to me like that

Answer #4

It could be that you’re going to start your period early.. tender breasts && cramping usually starts a few days before you start your period as well – but if you don’t start on the day you expect it to start then wait a few days && take a pregnancy test .. aslo keep in mind you can be pregnant && still have your period at the same time! It happened to me – I had my period for the first 3 months of my pregnancy! Good luck !

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