could it be or not

I breed my female boston about two weeks ago. Her nipples looks like they are getting bigger. could she be pregnant. I am hoping so. I just cant tell. she is not putting on weight yet

Answer #1

I bred my pug a couple weeks ago…its too soon to tell any signs …but if the male “tied” with her, she most likely is. I am so anxious to know too if my pug really is…but you really wont know for a while yet…pregnancy for dogs is 53-64 days and you really wont be able to tell until 3 weeks or so before she is due..(unless you go to a vet and have an ultersound done) the 1st signs will be the weight gain…I already put my dog on Puppy food just so if she is, she and the puppies are getting all the vitamins and nutrition they need(if she isnt preg, it isnt going to hurt her) One thing that dogs will do if they are pregnant is be more loving and friendly…I notice my dog licks a lot more and gives “kisses” lol there are a lot of sites you can go on and google to read, its fun and interesting, thats what I have done, but remember, not all dogs are 100% the same..look up your dogs breed…know too that people will have different experiences and have their own opinions as well, so dont worry if you find contradicting views..godd luck and keep me informed! :)

Answer #2

my pugs nipples got bigger and she was pregnant and she had 8 pups it was a miracle

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