Could I be pregnant, my periods arrived two weeks early

About two weeks ago I expericence some bleeding, which I thought to be my period at first, but I wasn’t supposed to start it until today, 2 weeks later. it was extrememly light, but it had some thick/clumpy red spots to it. it went on just as long as my period did. could I be pregnant?

Answer #1

well i would get a test because some people have ther periods when there pregnat like me i didi through my whoe pregnatce if u get anymore signs get a test….ok ashley

Answer #2

Hey humm, i aint no expert or anything but i dont think that when you pregnant you start to bleed you would just miss the period all together. So i dont think you are pregnant especially if it went on as long as your period did you shouldnt have to worry, but im not sure about the clumpy red spots maybe you should see your GP about that.

Hope everything works out,


Answer #3

I agree…the red spots do seem a little out of the ordinary. Definitely visit your doctor to find out if anything is seriously wrong or if you may have had a miscarriage if you were indeed pregnant.

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