What is Costco, is it similar to Sams Club (if anyone knows what that is)?

I keep seeing people say things about shopping at Costco, but we dont have that hear. We have Sams Club where you have to pay a yearly small fee to get a card to shop there, and they sell things in bulk for cheaper..is it similar? Do you have to be a member?

Answer #1

Yes, it sounds like the same thing…you pay a membership fee and it’s basically a wholesaler, where you can get bulk items for a lower price than grocery stores sell them at.

Answer #2

Yeah its a wholesale store. You also need a membership for CostCo. CostCo has a slightly better selection than Sams.

Answer #3

Yeah, it’s similar to Sam’s Club. It’s basically what Colleen said it was.

Answer #4

yeah. they are like the same thing. sam’s club and costco are competetors i think

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