Cost of a band for a fundraiser

How much would like teddy gieger or jonas brothers cost? And would they even consider coming to like a fundraiser for a foundation?

Answer #1

just to meet the jonas brothers it’s $4,160 per ticket (that’s on sale) and that’s just to say hi and get something signed it cost like $4,000 just to spend less than a minute with them!!!

Answer #2

Probly not unless you have a few million dollars lieing around but another Idea would be get a local band from a highschool or something thell be a lot cheaper and people will still enjoy them.

Answer #3

Depends on the foundation. Something large, well structured and well-known, maybe. You would go through their manager. I currently am organizing two festivals benefitting rescue animals. I contacted a local booker and was put in touch with a band from the Disney network, The Summers. They are up and coming, much like the Jonas Brothers. They recently moved to my town and are hungry for the publicity. Those up and coming are more hungry and tend to be willing to perform, many times for no charge.

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