How much would it cost to mail a package from the US to Australia?

I want to buy stuff online, but it costs heaps to get it sent to Australia. I wanted to get it sent to a friend in America who could then mail it to me for less money. Would this work? And i have no idea how much it would cost for my friend to mail it to me.

Answer #1

The only way to know the exact price would be to go to a post office.

Answer #2

Here in Toronto it all depends on the package, how fast you want it to get to it’s destination, what company you’re using to ship the package… ect… there”s a several things that affect the cost. as said by Rai, the best way to know is to go to the post office and know the mailing regulations and find out the costs from there :)

Answer #3

Yeah, it would be different depending on factors like shipping speed, company and probably most importantly the weight of what your sending. You could mail two packages to the same place and one be 15 bucks and the other be 50 just with a change in weight. So you really would need to go to a post office and give them that information to get a accurate estimate.

Answer #4

Here is the US postal service website calculator. Enter your package information to calculate time and cost.

At this other link you can pay and print your postage label. I use it all the time for things like eBay. You still have to take it to the post office or request your mail carrier to come to your door for pick up.

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