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corrupting my body!

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sooo...I def want indian feathers behind my right ear and the chinese symbol for crazy behind my left ear [kind of a family thing...long story]! I can't wait!

I'm getting a tattoo on my right side of an octopus and it's gonna have a lil seahorse and blue swirls for water around it with a quote by Dodie Smith which reads...“The family, that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor in our innermost hearts never quite wish to.” [I can't wait!!!]

I'm getting a tattoo on my left shoulder one much like corey miller from L.A. ink did on a guys arm...the sunshine is gonna come over from the back and there is gonna be the shadow of a tree with the suns rays behind it...I want it small enough to be covered by a t-shirt sleave but big enough to have detail.

I'm getting 2 butterflies on my wrist by my brothers intials the smaller one by his and being me [for my change after his death] and the larger one being for him [the meaning of a butterfly could be a persons soul leaving their body after death] my cousin had a henna tattoo and I fell in love with it!! I asked if I could steal it and she said yes so I am...I'm tweaking the design inside slightly and it's gonna be plain black my back and my bird tattoos are my color and so is my octopus...I want some black and grey wash ones!

Also I've been wanting a tattoo inside my lip my brother and I both...I'm gonna get bro in mine and he's gonna get sis in his! I'm excited it might hurt but eh I've already done over 20 hours so I think I'll survive.

And last but not lease I think I want my anti brow pierced I think it's really cute and not masculine at all...I don't know if it's okay with my face and I'm not sure if having my monroe and this will look tongue usually stays in my mouth so you can't see that one like ever...lemme know what you think :]

Also I've already decided I'm getting my industrial when I get paid. :]