I feel so angry! I mean I hae this classmate and she keeps copying everything.. I was ok with it at first but she just went on my nerves when she copied one of my hairstyles and she even got a complement and I didnt!!! And I started that hairstyle here in school! And when one of my guy friends noticed he said that she copied it from me because that was my hairstyle.. And she was like “I started this! Hers was different” and it’s exactly the same as mine!!! I feel so angry that I could kill someone cause she went over the line.

Answer #1

By copying you, that girl shows how much she wants to be like you. You should consider it a compliment.

Answer #2

HEYY DONT FEEL BAD IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE IT HAPPENED TO ME ALSO you CAN GO UP TO HER AND TEL HER : hey I dont like people copying me and stuff so I was wondering if you can stop doing the same hairstyles thank you anyways


Answer #3

I think I would feel great knowing people want to look like me, Well be careful what you wish for, you could be the girl that never gets talked to and made fun of and NO one would want to look like you. Be a nice person and stay true to yourself but don’t hurt others along the way. You don’t see Jennfier Anston going around yelling at every female who got there hair cut like hers.

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