How do i make my own coontails?

Like, in my hair. Not those fake as hell extensions.

Answer #1

First, just straighten your hair. Then get a small brush and brush it upwards on the top end of your head. Then if ya want the spikes, just cut a row of your hair and make sure its not noticable and use hair gel to stick them up :D

Answer #2

hahaha i love how u commented on mine about hair and now i commented on urz lol

Answer #3

Haha, i know. Thank you(:


Answer #4

your welcome xD

Answer #5

I did my ow when I was about 15. I had blonde hair at the time, and got some black hair dye and just ‘painted’ the colour on on stripes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Answer #6

Well you could take a comb && dye part your hair so they dye does not get in the other parts && put the stripes in or you could go to a porfeciona which would probably be a wayyyy better idea.,

Answer #7

i did my own and it was surprisingly easy. Collect the piece of hair u want to be tailed and use stciky tape to create the stripey effect. make sure u make the distance betweeen them as equal as possible, then just cover it in dye :) worked rlly well for me

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