cool ways to display my art?

I’m really into drawing and stuff and I have a few really cool drawings I’d like to display in my room, but I don’t know how to display them so it looks nice. What are some ways to display them in an area low in space?

Answer #1

request your parents to buy you a corkboard, wherein you can pin on your artworks, and post them as artistic as you want it. you can also post them directly on your wall (just ask your parents if they’ll allow you to do that), and then, make it like a wallpaper (for abstract art).. what I usually do for some of my paintings, I consult to frameworks store, and I ask them to put my art in a frame, that matches it’s art and mood..Ü light effects in your room can make it 10 times prettier.. xp

Answer #2

well if you mean art as in (drawing) then I use thie website just search “ Rate my drawings “ on google. and just choose the first option.

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