What are some cool facts on Russia?

Answer #1

its name is russia :O

Answer #2

lol how’s that cool?

Answer #3

its a cool name ¬_¬

Answer #4

It’s the largest country in the world.

Answer #5

I already knew that.

Answer #6

Okay ^u^

Answer #7

-10% of the Governments income comes from the sale of Vodka. -There are 221 museums, 2,000 libraries and over 80 theaters and 45 galleries. -Russia has 12 seas. -Russia’s biggest lake is the Ladgoda at 18,400 sq/km -There are approximately 10 million more woman than men in Russia.

Answer #8

I love the last one!

Answer #9

Same ^-^

Answer #10


Answer #11

Its tough people. I know from a friend that Russian are so independent and are mostly serious workers. :)

Answer #12

i loved too..thinking to jump there… heaven…

Answer #13

I liked the “Vodka” part. Haha(:

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