Convincing my parents to let me get a piercing

I really want to get my eyebrow pierced, but my parents said no because there is a nerve underneath the eyebrow and if they hit it, I could not open my eye anymore and I would need surgery, but the possibility of that happening is so little that its not even worth worrying about, I picked out a place not too far from where I live that has done it many times before and is run my professionals. Help me please

Answer #1

Why take the risk ? - your parents are looking out for your best interests because they love you and CARE…many, many, don’t - be Thankful !

Answer #2

your parents have a valid reason, but its not a strong one…now if you go to a friend or do it yourself, then yes, I would be concerned, but a professional piercer knows what he/she is doing. Your parents just dont want to see their “baby” get these things…I can understand..LOL …if you do get any piercings, go to a professional. YOu dont have to worry about having it done wrong, dirty needles(most open packages right in front of you and discard them after right in front of you) if they dont, walk out and go elsewhere. I have 10 piercings and thats the way it should be.

Answer #3

Ok. I have my lip pierced. It took me some thinking on how to talk my mom into it. Start off by noting something good and responsible that you have done. Then note that you have gone over how they will do it. Imply that you will pay for it. And if that does not work. Then say that you are old enough to know what you want.

Answer #4

okay thats what my mom said when I got my eyebrow done, well all told her was that if I dont get my eyebrown done with your promission then ill just get it done with out your promission so you choose. I can get it done at a good place with expirence or I can get it done myself. haha

Answer #5

If you do get it done, get it done by a professional not a random or DIY job. Yes, mainly because of the nerve thing. This also goes for other piercings.

If I knew my parents would not be swayed if I did what rockergirl1993 suggests then do one of the other things.

My parents say if I get a tongue or lip or eyebrow piercing they will rip it out… eeek!

Answer #6

umm…well I really don’t know your parents, so I don’t know how to convince them, you are the only one who can do that, just don’t pierce it yourself, please,

here are some suggestions;;; tell them you’ll pay for it and do that, get a fake id tell them you’ll do chores for the rest of your life(((only kidding))) but really if you want my honest opinion don’t get an eyebrow piercing, they are kinda ugly especially on guys.

Answer #7

ok this may sound wierd coming from a girl who doesnt have there eyebrow pierced but I know how 2 get parents 2 let you do something.

tell your parents they are pros at what they do. then take them to the place you picked out and let them look around and watch people get piercings.if there are people around your age down there gettin piercings and they dont scream or the pros do it right they should let you get a piercing.

hope I helped. lotz of love, jessica

Answer #8

I’d go with mannie_bby ..and heyjay2 is on crack, eyebrow piercings are frickin’ awsome on dudes.

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