Convince the parentals...

Ok, so my parents are concerned about my ailing habits and have somewhat grounded me. I really want to go this gig next weekend and go to a mates house afterwards. How do I convince them to let me go?

Answer #1

Well… Tell them the truth you feel that what they have grounded you 4 is un reasonable and it has only com about groundin you now. Say that ul not smoke or drink at the gig if you are going 2 get rid of the evidence and say that it is beta 4 you 2 stay at your m8s house because it means they don thav 2 com and pic you up lol hope this helps xxx

Answer #2

They’ve never had a problem with it before. They even buy me booze some times and allow me to smoke at home. So in a sense they’ve somewhat encouraged me, that’s what makes it even more unfair.

Answer #3

All things you shouldn’t be doing at your age.

Sorry, but I’m with your parents on this one…you don’t need to be going to any “gig”, especially when you’ve betrayed their trust in you already.

Answer #4

“ailing habits”?? What does that mean?

We can’t help you unless we know what the actual problem is.

Answer #5

Ailing such as Smoking and drinking. Partying in general.

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