how do i convince my parents to trust me again ?

Answer #1

dont do anything to screw up, and when they give you the littlest responsibility show them u can do it… 100%.. just do everything in your power

Answer #2

thanks, i think thats gonna help. (:

Answer #3

no problem :) and i hope it does help! good luck!

Answer #4

I was in a lot of situations where my parents wouldn’t even let me out of the house. The only thing i could really do was try to be nice and try to keep my grades up. Even as i tried i actually failed and things might have gotten worse until i told my parents one day that i am a really bad liar. Once you convince your parents that you are a bad liar then things will brighten up a lill. After that just offer to like help make dinner or take the freakin trash out haha EASY!!!

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