How do convince my dad that not all meatal is "demonic"?

Answer #1

A lot of it is. actually its considered secular music which is to some form, big or small. even things like Jay-Z and Lady GaGa are.

Answer #2

Play him a jolly little Emo anthem

YouTube A / V .

Answer #3

Well a lot of metal isnt about sunshine and rainbos….but then there are some bands that actually talk about nice things….Lets just say there is a big difference between HIM and Skillet. But i would suggest some marilyn manson music….its deep and well not metal but its hard rock.

Answer #4

I don’t know if I’d tell him to listen to Marilyn Manson music, though it is deep, it does have a lot of profane content (as much as I do love the stuff) and his dad may not appreciate that either.

Answer #5

And maybe to help your dad realize that your music isn’t satanic, you could print out some of the lyrics and show him what the songs are about.

Answer #6

like with the Illuminati conspiracies going around?

Answer #7

hahahahahahaha!!! i got the same problem i litsen to black so its SUPER hard!….just tell your dad that your gonna keep litseing to it and that it dosent have an influence on you

Answer #8

Unfortunatly, alot of the older generation get stuck in their ways of thinking and theres not much you can do to change those views. You have to remember that your father grew up during the time of metal and rock records being played backwards to listen for “satanist” messages and things of that sort. Your best bet to try and change his mind is to find some cleaner metal bands (think christian metal or bands more played on the radio) and print out the lyrics to show them too him. There are SO many different types of metal and metal bands - yes some of their lyrics would have your dad panicing and throwing away all your cds immediatly, but there are ones whose lyrics arent so dark.

Answer #9

funny. i had a hard time convincing my mom my music WAS demonic. anyways, you should just let it be. he has to accept you, and understand that you are who you are and will not change just for him. if he does not accept that, give it time.

Answer #10

Well you can’t really make him think like that, but you can at leat meaby show him some lirics so he might understand the song better, other than hearing the song itself. He might pick up the lirics by all the screaming, so show him what it sais. I’m sure that he likes music that you don’t like, just because he frew up in another time, so it’s natural.

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