How do i convert a video so that i can watch it on my mp3?

my parents recorded my christmas concert on their camera, and i wana put it on my mp3, but apperantly my mp3 doesnt support that type of video or file type or something. anybody no what i can do to be able to watch it on my mp3?

Answer #1

Not all mp3 players play videos and this could be the reason it’s not working. The video should be in the format your player supports. mp4 or wmv are common formats. Google free converters, there are many free ones, and change the format to the correct one. After its changed sync it the same way you would sync your music. If the video is on YouTube you could try using this website: Download the trial, it is said to be pretty good. My answer is only accurate, it depends on the type of mp3 player you have. Hope this helped :-)

Answer #2

ty, my mp3 is supposed to ply vids…. so ill try it out now :D

Answer #3

i use manycam for my webcam so i could record it n u can hide it

Answer #4

go to n u can find alot of softeware for ur needs

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