How can I control myself and be the usual me?

Answer #1

You answered your own question with one phrase within your question… “control myself”… There is a very fine balance here. Either you’re a fn psycho, or a sociopathic rule follower (sheep)… Don’t worry about how you look through others’ eyes…aka the “usual” you… Just be you. Try not to think too much about your social image or reputation. Don’t hold yourself back. You’ll meet the occasional ass who dislikes your behavior, but don’t ever let that sort of person change you. They can’t change their own wretched selves so they try their hand on others whom they think to be of lesser character…. They are the weak and pitiful. The bullies and mean-girls. Shine as you would in your true, natural form!

Answer #2

rise above the water-line, the filth at the pitiful top…

Answer #3

think and analyze everything in cool and relaxed enviroment

Answer #4

don’t fear people’s Talk, as the say says: haters will hate :P> note that if You found yourself a bad person, then you change it by urself> have better morals and manners, QUESTION ANSWERED :|> hehe :P>

Answer #5

Remember nobody can define who you are but yourself and what you choose, to believe of yourself……Pay attention to your gut and inner voice and recognize everybody else may have an opinion but you don’t own it unless you want to.

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