Is there any way of contacting the police in an emergency on the net ?

I was just wondering cos I saw it on a film once, but it was an American film and I dont have a phone so it might be good to know lol x

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no it would be better to dial 911

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I know what movie you're talking about. I believe that you can, but i'm not sure exactly what the url is.

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There is no *one website* you go to in order to contact the police, as there are too many areas to cover, however, you could check and see if your local police department has an online contact form. It is still quicker to hit 911, though.

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well would be hard if you dont have a phone lol

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but its even quicker to hit 999 ;)

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You have 999? :O ...we didn't even get 911 service here until a few years ago, lol

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yep our emergency services have always been 999. ive never in my life dialled 911 :S unless theres summet im missing lol

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I've never even dialed 911, lol...the phone number used to be some 1-800-567-???? number that nobody could ever remember so we all had it programmed into our speed dials.

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LOL Dialup for the win!

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ive checked my phone and i dialed 911 and nothing happened. i also tried 112 and nothing happened. i didnt try 999 cus i know it will work. the only other none emergency numbers we have are like nhs direct and the local police station :)

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i seen a movie where the guy didn't have phone and he was in a wheel chair so he contacted the cops..that question always ran through my mind lol

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wasnt it the black guy who was a cop but he was hospitalized and at the end the white guy tries to kill him? lol cant remember what thats called

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yeah i think its that one lol

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