What does it mean to "contact your system administrator"?

My school has this website where you can check your grades and all, I want to see how I did on my finals but when ever I try to log in it sais that my account has been disabeled and that I need to contact my system admistrator. Any ideas of what that might mean.

Answer #1

The system administrator is basically the person who is in control of all of your school’s computer systems. When you see such a warning, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that YOU personally need to contact them. If you talk to the teacher or librarian who keeps an eye on the computers and let them know of your issue, they would be able to contact the technical person who keep up the computers to see if the issue can be fixed. Depending on the case, you may not be the only person having issues. So in either case, it would be a good idea to let someone know.

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