How do I share a folder between Windows 7 and Windows 2000?

how do i share a folder between a windows 7 and a windows 2000 ? if i share it with a windows 7 and windows 7, i could see each others shared folder. but when i share it with windows 2000, “Windows 2000” i cant see or find the application to search for other computers, i even tried typing my IP:adress on the search bar, but no luck what am i doing wrong ? how can i share my windows 7 folder to windows 2000 ? if you could tell it to me step by step, that would be nice Thanks

Answer #1
  • You need to put both computers into the same domain or same workgroup.
  • You need to set the access permissions right. Both, the shared folder permissions and the file system permissions.

If that doesn’t help…

Do you get an error message? Do you get anything in the system log? Look it up on the Microsoft knowledge base?

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