Why does fingering make me bleed?

I recently got a new boyfriend, I’ve never done anything sexual with anyone except him, hes fingered me before and I’ve liked it alot, but the last two times haven’t been as good!, i bled on both occasions, the first time he didnt relise, i went to the toilet and saw blood, i was also really sore afterwards, i thought may be my period, but its not, the next time it was worse, i bleed alot more, like being on my period, i didnt realize until he pulled his hands out and there was bad, i cleaned myself up and i was a a lot of agony!, it was really sore! i like being fingered and i worried about this keep happening, but i dont know why I’m bleeding so badly, because its not my period. I’m scared of him putting hes hand down there, if i bleed again!:-S can anyone pleaseeee help me!?!?!

Answer #1

Thanks for your answer, he hasnt fingered me since, and i started my period like 5 days later than normal, so i think next time i see him, he will, so i’ll just tell him to be more gentle, hope i dont bleed again!!

Answer #2

Well he maybe doing it to rough… and you may not be aroused enough… ie you need to have some sort of lubrication so there isn’t as much friction … try having him play with your clit more before he sticks his fingers in… and if you are still not wet enough then try KY or another type of lube you can get it near the condoms at walmart or a store

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