Confusing schools

In modern schools, why do people call people who just happen to be really clever nerds/geeks/spoffs and why are people who are popular, popular when they’re generally horrible people?

Answer #1

That’s the world we live in today - many things are 180degrees out from what they should be - various reasons they stoop so low: poor upbringing - jealous - selfcentered - bullies - want to put on a show in front of others / huge egos - misguided, etc…it’ll come back around.

Answer #2

wow, I must have one freaky school because all the nerds are basically really dumb and a lot of the smart people are actually really popular and not as* holes. must be somethin in the water or somethin.

Answer #3

I find most popluar people are cows they think they own the place and there the best thing ever. But usually thyere not the “nerds” are its quite ironic really as when you get older the people who tried at school will be rich and have a good job and popular people will have nothing !!

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