What was he thinking?

I’m just wondering ok so here’s the whole story I used to like this guy like a lot me and him are real good friends to this day, we never dated. But we hung out many times. He was never interested in me in a serous relationship sort of way.

Ok now I’m dating this guy who I love and would never break up with. But I’m just kinda wondering why this guy I’m really good friends with… well texted me a few nights ago… this part was no big deal I mean we always text, but this night was totaly different. He had asked me what I was doing and had said oh nothing just trying to warm up haha then he had said oh I’ll warm you up I just laughed cause were such good friends then he started saying he’d do me and stuff and like he was like we should hang out tomorrow and all this kinda stuff I’m sure you can figure out were it went from there.

ANyways my question is what is running throught this guys mind? He knows I have a boyfriend… Me and him ahve been friends forever and both single and nothing… AND HE’S FRIENDS WITH MY boyfriend?

I’m so confussed can someone just please try to tell me what he was thinking

Thanks so much

Confused Shell

Answer #1

True, he wants to tap something.

Answer #2

Thats really not a toughy. Hes got sex on his mind!

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